Thursday, 8 May 2014

Teacher Joke

Teacher: right class I have a question for you, there are 3 birds sitting in a tree and then all of a sudden BANG 1 of the birds gets shot, so class how many birds are left in the tree??

Little Timmy: none miss!

Teacher: I don't think you understand the question Timmy.

Little Timmy: I do miss..You see miss there were 3 birds in the tree, 1 got shot and the noise of the gun shot scared the other... 2 birds off so there are no birds left in the tree.

Teacher: Timmy that is not the answer I was looking for but when you explain it like that you are indeed right, but for this question you are wrong but I do like your way of thinking.

Little Timmy: can I ask you a question now miss?

Teacher: yes of course you can.

Little Timmy: there are 3 woman sitting on a bench in the park and they are each eating a banana, 1 woman nibbled her banana, 1 woman takes big bites of her banana and one woman sucks her banana, so miss can you tell me which woman is married??

Teacher: yes Timmy that's easy, it's the woman that sucks her banana.

Little Timmy: no miss your wrong, it's the woman that's wearing a wedding ring but I do like your way of thinking!

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